The Compressor

There are many devices available to sound operators designed to help us improve our mixes whether it be in a live situation or in a recording studio: Microphones, microphone preamps, equalizers [...]

Podcasting 101

I love it when I’m given topics to write about that I’m not fluent in. It stretches me and forces me to research the subject. Such is the case with this post. The truth is I’ve never done a [...]

Church in a Box

If your church is one of the growing number that meet in a rented space, as our church does, in a high school gym, movie theatre, a hotel conference room or an ELKS lodge, you are going to have [...]

Burnt to a Crisp

I saw the toaster in my kitchen billowing smoke with the alarms warning me to get out. The fresh slice of Country White I wanted so much to eat was now as black as charcoal. Some people like [...]

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